James Stewart Update

June 12, 2006 7:52am | by:

TFS got a chance to speak to James Stewart last night after his terrible misfortune at Southwick, where his bike threw a rod on the last lap while holding second place. Here’s what TFS posted on MotoTalk:

James Stewart at Southwick
photo: TFS
[James] Stewart's bike lost a motor on the last lap of the second moto, sending him over the bars in a spectacular crash, and resulting in a DNF. Stewart had a remarkable day, doing battle with RC both motos, even with an injured leg from High Point. In moto one, RC pushed hard to get past him for several laps, then he pulled a little but crashed, handing the lead back to Stewart, and he won the moto.

In moto 2, there was another great charge by RC to get past Stewart. At one point RC pinned it off the finish jump, flying past Stewart with both feet off the pegs! Stewart was cruising in second for the rest of the moto, until he crashed right at the end.

The Stewart camp didn't want all of you to wonder and worry, so they contacted M-news to let you know right from James what the status is.

TFS: So what happened to you?
James Stewart: My engine just locked up on me and I crashed .

Did you lose consciousness?
No, I didn’t even hit my head.

It must have been hard riding with an injured leg, did it bother you all the time?
It was a problem when I put my foot down. The only time was if I wrenched my knee. After the first moto I had to get help walking up on the podium. I barely could walk. Actually I did better than I thought I would. I just came here to see if I could ride.

What a difference from last year here, huh?
Yeah, last year, as you know, was totally different. I just wanted to come here and race. I am not a quitter. I wanted to come and race for the fans, people that respect me and stuff. Ricky and I were going back and forth in both motos, I was trying my hardest.

So are you OK?
I am fine. I will get evaluated tomorrow. I am just sore. I am talking a flight home tonight and should know more tomorrow.