Monster Energy’s Ryan Capes Ready To Bust Up Another World Distance

June 6, 2006 10:24am

King of all motorcycle distance jumpers set to uncork another jaw 
dropper: 150-plus Harley-Davidsons, ramp-to-ramp with an added bonus!

CARLSBAD, Calif., (June 6, 2006) – Monster Energy Madman Ryan
Capes – the first guy to break the improbable 300-foot barrier jump 
on a motorcycle – will be at it again this Thursday (June 8th) when 
he’ll attempt to clear a record 150-plus Harley-Davidson motorcycles
at Ohio Bike Week in Sandusky.

Capes, who’s monstrous 310-foot leap at Pacific Raceways (Kent, 
Wash.) last October is still reverberating through out the extreme 
sports world, will add 50-plus HD motorcycles to the previous record 
of 100 – set by “Captain” Robbie Knievel at Buffalo Chip 
Campground in Sturgis, S.D., in 2003.

“I didn’t want to just clip it by a couple bikes – I want to 
annihilate it,” said Capes of the old record.

And get this, not only will Capes be jumping some 200 feet ramp-to-
ramp, he’s also planning on pulling a trick in between – which 
would be another world record!

“Yeah, the guys from Guinness (Book of World Records) will be there, they’re stoked,” added Capes, who nonchalantly added that the furthest he’s ever jumped ramp-to-ramp has been off a freestyle jump (roughly 70 feet). “So this is the first time I’ll be jumping 
triple digits ramp-to-ramp.”

As for the trick Capes is going to pull, the reigning King of all 
motorcycle distance jumpers said “I’m looking at the Hart Attack, 
or maybe a Double Grab or Indy Air…or I might end up doing all 
three, you know me!”

Capes also said that the 150 bikes number is arbitrary. “I thought 
that was a good number to start with,” he said. “Bikers have to 
raise at least $150 to get their bike in there and all the money’s 
going to charity. So we’ve already go 156 bikes and I’m thinking 
we can probably fit a bunch more.”

For more information on Monster Energy’s Ryan Capes’ record-
setting jump this Thursday, link up here.