Racer X Holeshot: High Point

June 5, 2006 8:04am

We’re now two races into the Toyota AMA Motocross Series, which means the Racer X Holeshot Award is now eight motos old. Racer X is handing out $500 checks after every moto to the rider who makes it past a specific point in the first turn for each moto of both classes. Like the Racer X Gas Card in Amp’d Mobile Supercross, or the Road Racer X Gas Card in AMA Supermoto, it’s another way we’re trying to give something back to the racers out on the track.

It’s Alessi by a wheel over Gosselaar
at High Point
With the help of AMA Pro Racing’s Jeff Canfield, we’re choosing a spot midway through the exit of the first turn to mark who gets the award. Not surprisingly, it was Mike Alessi who was involved in the first small controversy regarding this program, but by no fault of his own.

At High Point, the Red Bull KTM rider hit the marker first, just edging out Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Chris Gosselaar, as you can see in Carl Stone’s photo. But Li’l Goose had the better line through the rest of the wide, 270-degree sweeping corner and ended up with the early lead. Announcer Tim Cotter called the holeshot for Gosselaar, but at the selected point—where both Canfield and Racer X contributor Carl Stone stood—it was Alessi out front. When it was announced that Alessi and not Gosselaar got the check, the Pro Circuit crew raised their objection, but photos don’t lie (though Photoshop can) and Alessi earned the $500. (Check it out later today when OLN airs the High Point at 4 p.m. EST.)

No controversy here: It’s Billy Laninovich over Matt Goerke by a bike-length
For the second moto at High Point, we made sure every saw the line by literally spray-painting the dirt. It was an easy one for everyone to call, as SoBe/Samsung Factory Connection Honda rider Billy Laninovich nailed the start and had Motoworld Racing.com’s Matt Goerke by a bike-length, with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Grant Langston in tow. The perfect timing earned Billy $500 from Racer X.

In the first 450 moto, Team Kawasaki’s James Stewart earned the holeshot at the $500 check, but he will have to pick the money up at the Southwick riders meeting, as what happened 29 minutes later would make him and pretty much everyone else forget about his lightning start.

James Stewart holeshots the first High Point moto over Nick Wey
And in the final moto of the day, Subway/Coca-Cola Honda rider Jeff Gibson put a smile on the faces of every Buckeye at High Point with a great start to earn the Racer X Holeshot bonus, with MDK/Motosport Outlet’s Nick Wey once again just missing out on the cash.

Looking back at the first round of the series in Hangtown, Makita Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael holeshot both of the 450 class motos, only to fall the first time shortly after crossing the line. The spill pretty much cost him his best shot at winning the overall, as Stewart not only held RC’s furious charge off, he put one on himself and actually caught runaway leader Chad Reed on the last lap.

In the 250F class, the $500 checks went to eventual overall winner Mike Alessi in the first moto, and Sobe/Samsung Factory Connection Honda rider Josh Grant the second time out.

Jeff Gibson crosses the High Point line first for $500
The Racer X Holeshot Award has already paid out $4000 to the riders after just two rounds. Who will get the holeshots at Southwick (which will be run backwards, by the way)? Tune in this weekend to the Racer X Webcast, presented by Cycle News, of the 2006 Southwick National from Massachusetts, beginning at 1 p.m. EST.