Don Emde Resigns From AMA Racing Committee

June 2, 2006 6:37am | by:

We just got this note from Don Emde:

Today I resigned from the five-member AMA Racing Committee, effective immediately. In a nutshell, the working style and culture of the AMA leadership and this committee is just too foreign to me. While we did agree on some things, I was rarely on the same page with them on issues such as the process the committee should follow; the need for representation on the committee from other parts of the sport; the need for a working environment that allows for differing points of view to be considered; and establishing procedures that avoid any suggestion of conflicts of interest; to name a few.

I am very disappointed that things turned out this way, as I had hoped to be able to work with others to make some much-needed changes and improvements to racing and at the AMA. But the facts are that in the approximate 90 days that the committee has been in existence, very little has been accomplished.

In the name of the sport, I really do wish the AMA and its Racing Committee well as it moves ahead. Racing is such an important aspect of our whole motorcycle sport and economy that they must succeed. It is my hope that they will, in time, come together as an effective working group and meet or exceed the expectations that the sport and industry have for them.