DMXS Tonight

May 31, 2006 1:20pm

The obvious question going into the outdoors was whether or not the epic battles could carry over from Supercross. The opening mudder had potential, but a crash in moto one by RC and James showing his maturity by backing it down in the second moto for the overall had fans drooling for a dry race at High Point. Then the crash heard round the world had the sport holding it’s collective breath. Will this be Phoenix all over again? The good news is it appears that James’s guardian angel was watching since he only suffered a concussion in what seemed to be a horrific get-off. The bad news is that he spotted RC two motos in the championship battle. That’s like giving Lance Armstrong a head start in France or giving Tiger Woods a few mulligans at The Masters. Although, the SX season reminded us that anything is possible in racing and Mike Alessi reminded us that anything is possible at Glen Helen, so it still might come down to the last moto.

Davi Millsaps has a lot of weight on his shoulders carrying Big Red in the foreseeable future but the kid from South Georgia is doing just fine. Davi made the podium in his second outdoor race on the big bike and seems to be settling into his new role. We will have our good friend on tonight to congratulate him and see what the transition has been like so far. David Bailey has been under the weather lately but he is ready to talk some moto. DB never holds back and he has some strong opinions about what is going on in the sport right now. David "The Angry Pirate" Pingree was kind enough to join us in the studio last week and had so much damn fun he is coming back for round two tonight. We had a blast with David in the studio and will have some more crank calls tonight as well. Zach "Ozzy" Osborne opened some eyes at the Daytona this year with his SX skills but showed where his roots are with an impressive 6th in the first moto at the Hangtown opener. Unfortunately, he hurt his flipper last week and was unable to ride High Point, but we will catch up with the KTM hot shoe and see what his plans are for 06 and beyond. Jason Weigandt survived High Point and has the t-shirt to prove it. Weege will give us a report on the race and all the festivities leading up to it as the MX world converged on Morgantown, WV.

Steve Flanders is the OZ behind the MotoXDream fantasy racing league. He has put together a great series with some awesome prizes and sponsors for the outdoors. We will get a shake down from the front lines on how teams like Terry K and Weigandt’s Warriors are destined to plummet like Enron stock. The smack talking has just begun and we don’t play well with others.