A New Generation Of PitsterPro Pit Bikes

May 26, 2006 11:27am

USA Motortoys is pleased to introduce our new generation of pitsterpro pit bikes. The 125X2, 125X2R, 125X3, and 125X3R. The X2 features 12” front and rear wheels. The X2R features with 14” front wheels, 12” rear wheels and a CNC Oil Cooler. The X3/X3R includes aluminum alloy twin spar frame, 12” or 14” front wheels, 10” or 12” rear wheels and a CNC Oil Coolers.

All Pitster Pros come with race proven GPX 125cc engines.
Pitsterpro is the ultimate pit bike with all of the Hop-Ups
and ready for the racing enthusiast. Get yours today!

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