Monster Party in Morgantown this Friday night

May 24, 2006 10:05am | by:

Come one, come all to the greatest pre-race party of the year!
The 30th Annual High Point Monster Energy Triple Crown Party * 
(* The Party Formerly Known as the Racer X High Point Party)
This Friday, May 26, Morgantown, WV, will be going off (and not for the first or 10th time this year; Google 2006 Nokia Sugar Bowl Champs - WVU Mountaineers).  Even though the race is in nearby Mount Morris, PA, the pre-race fun takes place about 15 minutes due south on I-79 to the collegeness of downtown Moto-town (at least that's what it's unofficially called for three days).

The circus starts at 9 p.m. at Gibbie's Pub at 368 High Street. (Easy to remember: High Point = High Street). So punch this phone number into your cell phone now - 304-296-4427 - just in case you need directions to Gibbies. Now punch this number in now too: 304-292-7441. That's the cab company. Morgantown has three cabs, so they probably won't take you back to the track. Make prior arrangements to stay in a hotel or on someone's lawn (DC lives five blocks away and has a well-kept lawn - and no pets).

This year's energy will be provided by Monster Energy and the entertainment will be provided by Live Band Karaoke. They really don't have a band name, but we're going to temporarily dub them American Idle (get it?). You can pretend to be the weird, flailing guy with the grey hair, or you can pretend to be the long-haired British designer guy  while the band plays real instruments in the background. Other attractions will be the "Do the Farber-Pose" Roving Photo Op (see image below), the headbanging-with-Andy Bowyer area, and the "I'm one of Davey's cousins" VIP section.

The best part is, Morgantown is home to our little publication. We've been priming this town for the past 51 weeks; waiting for all our friends from across the country, and around the world, to celebrate with us the 30th Annual Kawasaki/ Monster Energy Motoross National at High Point presented by Anderson & Strudwick. All riders, mechanics, team personnel, industry workers, and Racer X readers welcome.

See you Friday!