DMXS Tonight

May 24, 2006 2:48pm

Don’t even bother watching American Idol tonight since Taylor and his Soul Patrol will easily take the overall. I hope you are not pretending you don’t know who or what I’m talking about. All you closet reality show freaks can just cut it out right now. With two daughters in the house I have to watch but in all sincerity probably would anyway. It’s the same inane sense that makes you turn and look as you pass an accident. One show that I never got on board with was American Inventor. It lacked the same train wreck potential of singing live in front of 50 million people and did not have any moto related stuff. I was hoping a new version of lawn darts would somehow pop up but to no avail. That old classic allowed you to hurl sharp projectiles at whomever you wanted while proving Darwin’s theory at the same time. This is an off-topic rant but I miss the days where lawn darts ruled the backyards and companies had the balls to name their products Super Sugar Crisp and Mister Salty pretzels without fear of retribution from the politically correct police. Lawn darts, salty pretzels, and that asking too much?

David Pingree is in Atlanta tonight for a Tony Robbins Retirement Planning/Firewalking seminar and will be joining us in the studio. Ping is a beloved guest and if we can just keep Matt the Intern off of him it should be a fun show. He has made the jump to Supermoto and will also be doing the TV work for the nationals so we have a lot to catch up on. Davey Coombs has not been on in a while and what better timing then the week before their local race at High Point. DC will break down the classes and talk about their new venture in RacerX Films. Mitch Payton will soon need a bigger door on the semi to hang his #1 plates after racking up yet another title this year in SX. He has some wounded soldiers going into the outdoors so we will get an update on them and his take on the stacked 125, um super/motolitescross class. David Bailey could not make it last week but he used his Free Spin card that Pat Sajak gave his for this week so all his fans can stop emailing me. I told you he would back on soon! Brett Metcalfe is part of the Aussie invasion from Hangtown. He showed some great speed in SX and turned a bunch of heads with his podium at the season opener. Brett also holds a special place in my heart for his valiant last stand on the 125 last year. Good on ya, Brett. There was a special raffle in Morgantown, WV. for the privilege of being Jason Weigandt’s room mate and Andy Bowyer held that lucky golden ticket. There were only five tickets sold and three went to some drifters at the Greyhound station, but Andy beat the odds. You can catch some of Andy’s work every week with Rev-Up at RacerX’s website but we really just want him on to get some dirt on Weege. This is Andy’s first time on so we will be gentle.

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