DMXS Tonight

May 17, 2006 1:22pm

After the vortex that was Vegas, all is well in the world again as the series heads back to its roots on the motocross tracks throughout the country. The outdoors might lack the glitz and glamour of a stadium race but the battles waged are none-the-less worthy of our admiration. The deck is stacked in both classes as each rider starts the season with a clean slate and a renewed hope on the gate at Hangtown this weekend. Here we go again.

David Bailey has been low key most of the SX season but wanted to give us his take on the historic series and breakdown both outdoor classes. DB is our honorary host and we are tickled and blushing as we welcome him back on tonight. I know there is hope for peace in Middle East after Paul Lindsey and David Vuillemin set aside their past differences and agreed to a contract for the outdoors. Paul will join us tonight as he prepares his team for the opening round in Sacramento. Andrew McFarlane is one of the latest transplants after several years on the GP circuit. The newest Yamaha of Troy rider had his season cut short with an injury but will be ready for Hangtown. The Aussie showed some good SX speed prior to his injury and will be more at home for the outdoors. He is a cool kid with a great personality and we always love a good Crocodile Hunter impression. There are many unsung heros in the pits but few put in as many thankless hours than the mechanic. They are the first at the track and the last to leave and usually only get attention if something on the bike breaks, but we love um. Darrin "Rookie" Sorenson has been Reed’s wrench for a while but suffered his own injury while riding this year that had him sidelined until now. Darrin gave us all quite a scare, but will return to his post beside the #22 this weekend. We look forward to catching up with our good friend tonight.

The new season of MotoXDream is about to begin for the outdoors so make sure you check out to enter your teams and test your skill and against the best bench racers in the country as you compete for some awesome prizes.

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