Chad Pederson back into National AX

May 9, 2006 1:02pm | by:

Chad Pederson will be back into National AX competition, this time as a rider's coach and team consultant.  GPS Racing has hired Pederson for the upcoming 2006-2007 National AX season  in which Pederson will be integrated into the team as a rider's coach and trainer preparing the riders with the physical and mental aspects of  this unique sport and as an on-going consultant to the team. Pederson who won several National AX main events and even a 125 SX main event in his career brings a vast wealth of knowledge.  The GPS Racing AX team had a breakout year in 2005-2006 putting
five different riders on the podium in National AX competition and also had five main event wins in the 250F/Lites class, making GPS Racing the most successful Honda 250F/ Lites program in National AX in a few years. 

Furthermore GPS Racing also captured the Regional AX title in 2005-2006 supporting Jeff Willoh. "I'm excited to be bringing Chad on board" states team owner George Hodkinson. "Chad had a long and successful career and knows what it takes to succeed in this sport.  I think Chad is an under-utilized resource in this sport, and I recognized that and brought him into this team to build on the success we've had in the past year." For marketing opportunities with the team or to reach the team owner contact or by phone at (507) 824-3999.