Everts and Pourcel win in Germany

May 8, 2006 7:48am

Nine-time World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts of the Rinaldi Yamaha team has extended his run of victories following a hot and hard day of racing at the Talkessel circuit in Teutschenthal at the Grand Prix of Germany. The reigning champ is now four-for-four in '06 and also accumulated his 91st GP win. Second in Germany was Tanel Leok of the Jan de Groot Kawasaki team, with Suzuki factory rider Kevin Strijbos finishing third.

Christophe Pourcel
"I rode really fast today," Everts said. "I had to, because Kevin chased me in the first moto and Tanel was right there in the second. It is better for me when I have some pressure and quick riders around. The young guys are getting better and physically stronger. They want to beat me, for sure, so I have to keep on working hard during the week. I am doing my best. It is good for the racing that we have these guys at the front, and it makes it more interesting. The new Yamaha is so strong, not only for riding, but also on the starts. I am making a lot of holeshots, and this makes it so much easier to win the race."
In MX2, young French sensation Christophe Pourcel went 1-1 for his first Grand Prix victory. The Kawasaki-mounted rider is now just a handful of points back from series leader Tyla Rattray. Second in MX2 was Champ KTM rider Marc de Reuver, with third place going to Rattray.

"I am really happy, of course," Pourcel said. "The team is working really hard and I knew I had the speed to win a GP, I just needed to get the start. Sometimes you just have some good racing. Today I had some good lines and it was easier for me to win. The plan was to win both qualification races between Sebastien and me, and we did that. We had the pick of the grid - that helped a lot. I knew I had those guys behind me, and I had to push hard."


1.Stefan Everts (Bel), 2.Kevin Strijbos (Bel), 3.Jonathan Barragan (Spa), 4.Cedric Melotte(Bel), 5.Ken De Dijcker (Bel), 6.Tanel Leok (Est), 7.Julien Bill (Swi), 8.Pascal Leuret (Fra), 9.Steve Ramon (Bel), 10.Marvin Van Daele (Bel), 11.Brian Jorgensen (Den), 12.Aigar Bobkovs (Lit), 13.Manuel Priem (Bel), 14.Antti Pyrhonen (Fin), 15.Alex Salvani (Ita), 16.Claudio Federice (Ita), 17.Danny Theybers (Bel), 18.Marko Kovalainen (Fin), 19.Johnny Lindhe (Swe), 20.Clement Desalle (Bel)


1.Stefan Everts (Bel), 2.Tanel Leok (Est),, 3.Ken De Dijcker (Bel), 4.Kevin Strijbos (Bel), 5.Steve Ramon (Bel), 6.Brian Jorgensen (Den), 7.Pascal Leuret (Fra), 8.Julien Bill (Swi), 9.Javier Vico Garcia (Spa), 10.Manuel Priem (Bel), 11.Collin Dugmore (Ger), 12.Danny Theybers (Bel), 13.Marvin Van Daele (Bel), 14.James Noble (Gbr), 15.Antti Pyrhonen (Fin), 16.Aigar Bobkovs (Lit), 17.Roman Jelen (Slo), 18.Mark Hucklebridge (Gbr), 19.Wyatt Avis (Rsa), 20.Johnny Lindhe (Swe)


1.Stefan Everts (Bel) 50, 2.Kevin Strijbos (Bel) 40, 3.Tanel Leok (Est) 37, 4.Ken De Dijcker (Bel) 36, 5.Steve Ramon (Bel) 28, 6.Pascal Leuret (Fra) 27,7.Julien Bill (Swi) 27, 8.Brian Jorgensen (Den) 25, 9.Jonathan Barragan (Spa) 20, 10.Manuel Priem (Bel) 19


1.Stefan Everts (Bel) 192, 2.Tanel Leok (Est) 152, 3.Kevin Strijbos (Bel) 138, 4.Ken De Dijcker (Bel) 133, 5..Jonathan Barragan (Spa) 117, 6.Steve Ramon (Bel) 111, 7.Sebastien Tortelli (Fra) 99, 8.Pascal Leuret (Fra) 93, 9.Cedric Melotte (Bel) 84, 10.Manuel Priem (Bel) 72


1.Christope Pourcel (Fra), 2.Marc De Reuver (Net), 3.Alessio Chiodi (Ita), 4.Tyla Rattray (Rsa), 5.Antonio Cairoli (Ita), 6.Billy MacKenzie (Gbr), 7.Kenneth Gundersen (Nor), 8.Aigar Leok (Est), 9.Gareth Swaenepoel (Rsa), 10.Anthony Boissiere (Fra), 11. Tommy Searle (Gbr), 12.Carl Nunn (Gbr), 13.David Philippaerts (Ita), 14.Matti Seistola (Fin), 15.Jason Dougan (Gbr), 16.Manuel Monni (Ita), 17.Rui Goncalves (Por), 18.Max Nagl (Ger), 19.Fabio Mossini (Ita), 20.Jonas Wing (Swe)


1.Christophe Pourcel (Fra), 2.Marc De Reuver (Net), 3.Tyla Rattray (Rsa), 4.Davide Philippaerts (Ita), 5.Billy MacKenzie (Gbr), 6.Davide Guarneri (Ita), 7.Antonio Cairoli (Ita), 8.Max Nagl (Ger), 9.Rui Goncalves (Por), 10.Tommy Searle (Gbr), 11.Carl Nunn (Gbr), 12.Luigi Seguy (Fra), 13.Manuel Monni (Ita), 14.Aigar Leok (Est), 15.Gareth Swaenepoel (Rsa), 16.Anthony Boissiere (Fra), 17.Pascal Renet (Fra), 18.Matti Seistola (Fin), 19.Kenneth Gundersen (Nor), 20.Jonas Wing (Swe)


1.Christophe Pourcel (Fra) 50, 2.Marc De Reuver (Net) 44, 3.Tyla Rattray (Rsa) 38, 4.Billy MacKenzie (Gbr) 31, 5.Antonio Cairoli (Ita) 30, 6.David Philippaerts (Ita) 26, 7.Tommy Searle (Gbr) 21, 8.Aigar Leok (Est) 20, 9.Alessio Chiodi (Ita) 20, 10.Carl Nunn (Gbr) 19


1. Tyla Rattray (Rsa) 166, 2.Christophe Pourcel (Fra) 158, 3.Marc De Reuver (Net) 152, 4.Antonio Cairoli (Ita) 119, 5.Billy MacKenzie (Gbr) 105, 6.Alessio Chiodi (Ita) 101, 7.Davide Philippaerts (Ita) 100, 8.Carl Nunn (Gbr) 95, 9.Kenneth Gundersen (Nor) 89, 10.Tommy Searle (Gbr) 78