Sano Systems and I-Shock Sign Ronnie Renner

May 4, 2006 9:43am

Factory Red Bull KTM rider Ronnie “Who’s Your Daddy” Renner will be teaming up with two of the leaders of the Mini Bike Revolution, Sano Systems and I-Shock.   Ronnie is best known for FMX, but he has maintained a good reputation of goofing off and having fun, the foundation that the Mini bike scene was built on.  “I am really exited to see where and what this leads to,” says Renner, “I have surrounded myself with only the best sponsors in my career and this deal keeps the pattern in line.  It seems like there are a lot of good times around the Mini scene and with the help of Sano and I-Shock I will be well taken care of in my pursuit of fun”.

Ronnie has plans to race the Mini Moto race in Vegas this coming Friday, but promises not to set any speed records, as this is his Minibike Rookie debut.   “I figure after the Vegas race, there will be a press release out on me getting fired because I sucked so bad,” joked Renner when asked about is expectations in Vegas, “atleast I will have cool equipment and be able entertain the people with some good crashes”.  This could be the shortest Mini deal ever made.  Stay tuned.