A Quick Update From FuelClothing.com

April 28, 2006 7:23am

Frontline: The new program already has 80 reps and growing every week... Check it out and Join the new rep force... www.fuelclothing.com/frontline.htm
Just hand out a few cards and earn some extra cash or product while you are out Fueling the fire.

Myspace: Over a 1400 troops in the Fuel Army, Join if you haven't already. www.myspace.com/fuelclothing

Video footage: Riders, Friends and even the weekend warrior can submit their footage for our new teaser video series..
I have been testing the new car out and she is ready to roll and I am talking about really rolling..
I will try to drive it on two wheels in a couple of weeks.. stay tuned for that.

Photoblog: To see what we are up to here at Fuel always check out this page for frequent cool pics or just plain dumb stuff that we do. www.fuelclothing.com/fuelphoto/

Action sports tour: Las week we were at Eastern Skate Supply's open house.. Great time and good to see all my friends from the skate side of things.
This week I am off to:
Seattle for SX. This one could be the craziest weekend ever.. Nobody is holding back now..and the gloves are off.
Then Vegas for the Mini Bike race and the last SX race of the year... Damn this has been a great year for racing.. #4, #7 & #22 are all amazing, but my hats off to anyone that makes the trek every week and puts their life on the line.. Fuel is to Privateer as Volcom is to Factory we need both to keep the action sports world in check..

Thanks to our sponsors: Vitamin Water, Globe, Carbon magazine, Sponsorhouse, Utopia, Sage Room, Throttle Jockeys, Rome Snowboards, EVS, Ogio

Our Factory Riders:
Keith Johnson breaks his leg, out for the rest of SX. He will not be off the horse for to long.. Get better soon bro.
Jackson Davis came in last week to shoot his part for our next video..
Terren O’Dell cleans up in TX, you can now say he is one bad dude.. 8 Championships since Mini O's..
Josh Summey stopped by also to hang out and rip up the park on his BMX.
Metzger is going to flip himself over some fountains in Vegas. haha. 130ft ramp to ramp.. Can you say world record....That is the Godfather stepping it up..
Scott Papola has been standing on the podium at every race he enters.. This kid has the skills.
JR. Lavin just got out of getting his knee rebuilt and is already looking to rip up the mountains.

Our Am Riders:
Tons of them are ripping and sending in Videos, so look for them on the Fuel site and new teaser video coming out soon.

Sponsorship program: This program keeps the Fuel Army growing strong. Check it out or pass it along to someone that you think is Fueling the fire.