2nd Annual Twenty20 Seattle SX After-Party

April 25, 2006 11:23am

If you missed it last year, don’t blow it again…

The stories of last year’s Seattle SX After-Party are still haunting many of us ahem, check here: ­­­www.twenty20camera.com/sxparty/image-gallery.php  (last years pictures). However, it’s high time that we clear out those skeletons in our closet (be they glorious or, well, you know, a little sub-par) to make room for a fresh batch this Saturday the 29th after the Seattle SX.

Tiki Bob’s Cantina will play host to this year’s after-party, which is conveniently located within stumbling distance of Qwest Field. So bring your friends and join up with the team who knows how to throw a good party, Twenty20, Miller Lite, and Red Bull.

Location:    Tiki Bob's Cantina [166 S. King St.]

Time:        10pm - Close

Brought to you by: Miller, Red-Bull & Twenty20

Pre-Race Food and Drink Specials: 12pm-7pm
$2 Miller Drafts
Burger/Fries/Beer= $10
Red Bull drink specials