Reed takes Dallas

April 24, 2006 10:27am


Dallas, TX.- Texas is famous for its cowboys and cattle. By the way the supercross track in Dallas was treating the best riders in the world this past weekend one would have thought they were at a rodeo. Both Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart were “bucked off” their motorcycles as they road the razor’s edge of control on the Dallas track. Carmichael started the race by holeshotting but was soon passed by Stewart in the whoops. Reed followed both in third. Carmichael, obviously pushing after the pass by Stewart,  lost control of his motorcycle in the whoops and darted off course, taking out tuff blocks and a hapless photographer. He rejoined the race in eighth. Then moments later Stewart, known for his spectacular crashes as well as his dominating wins, got cross-rutted on the face of a jump sending him into the tuff blocks on the side of the track. Only Chad Reed, famous for his velvet-smooth riding style, was able to stay mounted for the whole race. Stewart was able to charge back to second but by then Reed had an unassailable gap. Reed took the win with Stewart getting second and Carmichael finishing sixth. Chad Reed now trails Ricky Carmichael by a scant two points in the standings heading into this weekends race in Seattle.

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