RC Makes a Promise to Ernesto

April 20, 2006 12:47pm | by:

Ricky Carmichael and Ernesto Fonseca have been friends for a long time - all the way back in their formative minicycle days growing up in Florida, where the Costa Rica-born Ernesto and his family spent much of the early days of his career. Recently, Carmichael finally got the chance to speak on the phone to his injured friend, trying to give him some encouragement in an otherwise difficult time. It was during the conversation, according to Fox Racing's Scott Taylor, that RC made a promise to Ernie: For the rest of his career, Ricky will race with Ernesto's signature on his gear - something that he can look for on TV or in every photo of RC - starting this weekend in Dallas. According to Taylor, "The signature will not always be placed in that location. We will move it around to find a prime location that Ernesto will be able to spot very quickly. It's just a way for Ricky to remind Ernesto he'll always be thinking about him."