What ever happened to The Moto Show

April 18, 2006 11:50am

Eric Elrod here from The Moto Show.  As many of our fans and listeners know, The Moto Show's last show was on 2/28/06.  Many have asked and wondered where the show went, and we appreciate everyone's curiosity.  Doc Bodnar and I started The Moto Show in November of 2003, and after 100 shows and more than 300 interviews, we just can't continue to absorb the financial burden that is necessary to keep the show on-air.

Because of our busy schedules, Doc Bodnar and I never aggressively pursued advertisers for the show.  We did the show because we love the sport and never made a dime doing it.  Unfortunately our broadcaster, World Talk Radio, recently raised the production costs and we just can't keep doing the show without a way to pay for all of the show's associated costs.  If you'd like to help The Moto Show get back on-air by advertising with us or by any other means, please contact me at 615-443-0779 or e-mail me at elrod@themotoshow.com.

Our archives are still available at www.TheMotoShow.com, and our stores www.TMS-Parts.com and www.TMSUnlimited.com  will remain open and we'll continue to donate our profits to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center. 

We want to thank everyone that helped us in the past, as well as the listeners and fans that enjoyed our show over the years.  A special thanks to Mike Young who stepped in to co-host the show last summer, and to Joe Tripp at SPEED Channel who put a lot of faith in our program.  It was a pleasure and we hope to bring you more in the near future.

Best Regards,
Eric Elrod