Another Off-Road Riding Ban Goes Into Effect

April 13, 2006 8:20am | by:

The following story appeared in the Palm Springs Desert Sun:

Cathedral City City Council votes to ban off-roading
CATHEDRAL CITY -- No more off-roading in Cathedral City.

The City Council voted 4-1 Wednesday to make all riding of off-road vehicles in the city limits illegal, including riding on private property. The ordinance, which will take effect during the last week of April, will also give police the power to confiscate violators' vehicles.
Mayor Pro Tem Greg Pettis opposed the measure.
Currently, it is legal to ride off-road vehicles on private property, and police cannot confiscate vehicles.
Fines for violating the ordinance will begin at $250 and increase to $500 for a second offense, $750 for a third and $1,000 for all subsequent offenses within a 12-month period.
Offenders will likely be subpoenaed and charged based on witness reports rather than caught in the act, Police Chief Stanley Henry said.