Your Collection

April 10, 2006 1:10pm

This week's collection comes to us from Robert Moser:

I am Rob from austria and here are some pics of me and my fam. It's my dad in his Formula Super V racecar and later pics show me and my brother on several mx bikes on the track my father ran near to our hometown. The one that shows me with that small bike must have been taken around 1976. Thats where I started to ride.

"At this time there had been no MX bikes for kids in Austria. We had to buy this little trail bike in Spain. it was a Bultaco Chispa and it never worked properly - but I had fun anyway and I was one of the first kids in Austria riding an off-road bike. Later I rode KTMs, Huskys and suzukis on our home track. Now i am 39 and still ride. I can say that my life among the motocross family always (almost) kept me on the right track and I always had friends to depend on.
Greetz from Austria,

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