Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg Injured at Crusty Demons in Mt. Gambier, Australia

April 8, 2006 8:14am

April 7, 2006 (Newport Beach, CA) - Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg was injured on his first practice run at the Crusty Demons Tour in Mt. Gambier, Australia last weekend.

In his first practice jump on the rubber mats of the Crusty Tour's course, Jeremy simply grabbed too much throttle, over-jumped and landed in the flat, sending him to the hospital for X-rays before the event began.  When the Aussie docs told Jeremy that they thought he had "possibly torn a muscle, but warned it could potentially be a lot worse," Jeremy made the wise decision to fly back to the USA and get thoroughly checked out by American doctors, to be sure of what damage had been done.

"I was so mad at myself!  I flew all that way, then drove for 4 hours, just to turn around and come all the way back home, without being in the show. It's been a while since I rode in the Crusty Demons Tour, and it was cool to check it out again and see how it has changed. I was really hoping to give the fans down there a taste of what made that tour so bad-ass in the beginning, but it would have been stupid to risk a spinal injury for a demo on a tour", said Jeremy.

"Jeremy is up and around, but is staying off his bike for a few more days", said Rich Swisher of The Sports Syndicate. "I'm glad he had the smarts not to ride with an injured back.   Although, after watching guys like Nate and Kenny miss an entire year due to an injury, I'm not surprised.  He definitely made the right choice. Without having the injury properly diagnosed, he could have done serious damage, and blow what is going to be an incredible year for him.  Maybe worse."

Coming hot of the heels of his gold medal win at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Jeremy is focused on winning everything he can this year, including the upcoming Dew Action Sports Tour and Summer X Games.