SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha andTeam Tamer Motorsports Houston Race Report

April 5, 2006 1:28pm

Houston, Texas: Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha rider "Blazing"Jiri Dostal was flat out on the gas this past weekend in Houston! Dostal's quest to become one of the industries top privateers took center stage at Houston's Reliant Stadium before 47,389 SX fans! The early season contributors for Dostal's lackluster results were evidenced by bad starts and Robbie Reynard. The second half of the season finds Dostal's starts fully dialed, as for Reynard; Houston proved the old adage to be true-"third times a charm!"

Dostal and Reynard have got to learn to play nice! The two have history of bad blood early on this years SX season. In their first encounter, Dostal parked Reynard into the square bales- grabbing the Racer X Card. The next go around saw Reynard send Dostal a message of his own-proving paybacks a real ____! In this second exchange, Robbie sent Dostal from main qualifying position, into the cheap seats. Would Houston be another instance of retaliation or could the two riders learn to JUST get along!?

In semi-one, Dostal and Reynard found themselves in another heated battle. With two laps remaining, the two riders were bar to bar. Dostal thought he needed to pass Reynard to secure a spot in the main event, not realizing a main transfer position was already had. In the last lap, the two went side by side-this time the two decided enough was enough and a clean pass was made! Dostal's pass secured fourth position, while Reynard took the last transfer spot into the main. In the main event, Dostal rode nervous and stiff but still managed an overall 16th place finish in the Houston SX Main Event! The team looks to saddle up and head on out to Irving, Texas for another exciting round of Supercross action!

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Team Tamer Motorsports:

On to Houston to finish out thirteen races in a row with no breaks where we were greeted with high winds the entire weekend. With Erick Vallejo and Jacob Saylor healthy, the team would race our way into the night program through afternoon qualifiers. Both Vallejo and Saylor would do so on their Tamer-SoCal-Foley rides. This would make it thirteen straight night shows in 2006.

Our parking situation has been resolved. "I met with Dave Prater, Big Joe and Jayme Dalsing of Live Nation. I did discuss my aggravations with them regarding Orlando and I want to apologize to them. They discussed the issues with me and how the parking structure works and I believe we are all on the same page now," said Kevin Maret.

Jacob Saylor would suffer from bad luck the entire night and missed the main event. While in the transfer position from the LCQ, Saylor stalled his Tamer-SoCal-Foley ride on the last lap allowing Cole Seibler to make the main event with the final transfer position.

But, Erick Vallejo would transfer to the main event through his semi race, where he absolutely dominated the semi and won the race. "What a feeling. This never gets old being up here on the podium," said a very excited Vallejo.

When the gate dropped for the main event, Vallejo rounded the first turn in 14th position. EV would charge his way up to 12th position with 3 laps to go. He continued to close on Billy Laninovich in 11th position and by the race end, would pass Laninovich finishing 11th in the main event. EV also moved into the top 20 in points where he sits 19th. "This has been a great Supercross season to date. I am really happy with my team and everyone on this team. This is a great atmosphere," said Maret.

"I am pretty fortunate to have the riders and crew I have. Everyone gets along real well and that alone makes for a great time and environment," stated Maret.

After Houston, Erick Vallejo sits 19th in points and Jacob Saylor is 25th in points 

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