Questioning the Truthiness of Racer X's Vuillemin-to- Bloodshot Report

April 5, 2006 5:13am

Racer X has found itself embroiled in an investigation over the truthiness of last Saturday afternoon's report about David Vuillemin going over to the darkside with Tyler Evans on Team Bloodshot/Fly Racing, soon to be Team One-Two Punch ("One Punch and a Bitch Slap" did not fit on the thigh of David's tracksuit).  As it turns out, Vuillemin did not in fact sign with Bloodshot, as was reported last night on Two Wheel Tuesday and throughout moto forums all over the virtual world, and photos of him riding an '05 Suzuki "with friends" in France only accelerated the report. We even received a call from one industry agent/power-broker who shall remain nameless who wanted to know how exactly we found out about the deal (sorry Scott) after he was contacted by Suzuki. Heck, even Andy Bowyer called his brother to tell him about the incredible news....

Well, after careful investigation, detailed fact-checking, and a closer look at the calendar, it was revealed that "DVOne-Two" did not actually team up with Tyler Evans for a Franco-America ultimate fighting/riding team. Racer X apologizes for any confusion this might have caused ... um, especially to you, Tyler. Please forgive us. Don't want you mad at us for any reasons whatsoever! We're still cool, right? Tyler?