SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha and Tamer Motorsports Detriot Race Reports

March 29, 2006 11:22am

March 29, 2006- Detroit, Michigan: Fire up the grill and put on your party hats! It's time to go racing! Team SoCal Racing/P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha was ready to represent at Ford Field's inaugural race before 40,000 Supercross fans. Once again, Team SoCal Racing easily qualified into the night program. Team SoCal is never satisfied with simply making the night program! The entire team was bound and determined to make the Detroit main event. Lining up for semi-two, Clark Stiles and Jiri Dostal brought it all to the table-GAME ON!

Jiri Dostal and Clark Stiles looked more focused and determined than ever before. The two riders had an unparalleled aura of confidence in their swagger and determination in their eyes. In semi two, Dostal and Stiles ripped out of the gates in the second and third position. For Dostal, it was checkout time-never looking back! Jiri rode a flawless second place performance behind Ivan Tedesco-solidifying a spot in the main event!

Clark Stiles ran in third place for three laps, but a slight bobble in lap four allowed Brock Sellards to pass. Then, Stiles settled into fourth place with Jason Thomas, Ryan Clark, and Nick Wey lingering close behind. Stiles had hard charging Jason Thomas trying to make a pass. The last time these two tangled bars was Atlanta. Similarly to Atlanta, Thomas initiated extremely aggressive bar banging. But, they don't call Clark Stiles "The Alabama Slama" for nothing and this night proved why! The two riders came together, leaving Jason Thomas on the short end of the exchange. Thomas took to the dirt, while Stiles stayed upright-pushing forward with Ryan Clark and Nick Wey seconds behind. Stiles stayed poised and finished the race with two flawless laps. Clark Stiles took the checkered flag in fourth place, qualifying into the main event!

This week's Barnett clutch performance took place in the main event. The gate dropped and "Blazing" Jiri Dostal was in dead last place. You are probably asking how a last place start constitutes a clutch performance? But, it was the next eighteen laps that the true tale of the tape took place! Dostal aggressively maneuvered forward laying down stellar lap times-picking off riders one by one. Dostal methodically passed Vallejo, Voss and then Gibson. With two laps remaining, Mike Brown was now in sight! Dostal soon made the final pass on Brown, finishing the main in thirteenth place!! That finish earned Dostal his best finish of the year and as Paul Harvey famously said, "And now you know the rest of the story-Good Day!" Indeed it was a great day!


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Team Tamer Motorsports:

What a change of pace from Orlando to Detroit. It was cold and we even saw a few snow flurries. That, coupled with the no parking rules of the stadium. Made for some cool conditions. Then on top of that, our lift gate quit working and all bikes had to be brought down through the upper level access hole. But, everyone worked hard and we got the job done at the end of the day, so all is well in Tamer land.

Erick Vallejo and Jacob Saylor were once again in the same afternoon heat race, this time with Kevin Windham. And when the checkers flew, it was Saylor and EV running 2nd and 3rd to Kevin Windham. More importantly, both were safe and into the night program on their Tamer-SoCal-Foley rides. This would make it twelve for twelve night shows in 2006.

Once the night program was under way, Saylor and Vallejo would once again transfer to the main event through the same semi with an impressive 2nd place finish for Saylor and an equally impressive 3rd place finish for Vallejo with Chad Reed taking the win. In fact, Saylor would pass and re-pass Chad Reed 3 times during the semi race, making for some great racing action.

When the gate fell for the main event, Saylor found himself in 3rd position with Vallejo in 8th position. "The Tamer Billet MX Holeshot Hookups and the JM Racing motors are just an awesome combination. We are on OEM equipment, no factory support or help at all and to nail these starts like we are doing, shows the dedication from our sponsors," said Kevin Maret.

"Our budget is nothing. We are running our entire Supercross season on what most teams spend in three weeks. I have to thank the mechanics, Ken Lile and Rob Goodwin, for their dedication and another great friend of mine, Jeff Tomlinson for helping us out with driving duties of the transporter. Without everyone's dedication and hard work, this team would be sitting at home by now. I hope I can reward them with more in the Outdoor Nationals," continued Maret.

During the main event while running in tenth position, Jacob Saylor had his shifter bent back in a rut causing him to ride the remainder of the race cautiously and finishing way off the pace in 20th position. Erick Vallejo would put in an awesome ride and finish 15th when the checkers flew. Tamer would like to welcome Ryan Foley and Foley CAT as the dealership of choice for all your Caterpillar needs. Welcome to Tamer Motorsports Foley family of employees.

After Detroit, Erick Vallejo sits 21st in points, only 1 point out of 20th and Jacob Saylor is 23rd in points, 7 points out of 20th. 
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The Tamer Billet MX - SoCal Racing - - FMF team is additionally supported by Interlakes Sport Center, Engine Ice, Pro Clean, Dragon Goggles, Dunlop, C-Tech Pit Carts, Regina Chains, Sunstar Sprockets, Honda Genuine Parts, EBC Brakes, Concepts in Aluminum Bike Stands, JM Racing, Wiseco, Pro Honda Oils, SDG Seats and Mini's, Pro Wheel Racing, Factory R & D, Vidman Designs, Rollon Throttles, Advanced Distribution, JD Jetting, Plasticwerks, Tekbolt, Billet Racing Products, CKX Helmets, CV 4, DeCal Works, Gaerne, Kicker, Mechanix Wear, Polisport, Renthal, Stomp, Ti Lube and Twin Air