Racer X Wear Flash Trivia Winners


Earlier today we posted the Racer X Flash Trivia contest, sponsored by www.racerxwear.com. We showed the picture above and asked our readers to correctly identify the rider, year and location of where this photo was taken, and we would send the first five people who answer correctly a cool One Industries Ricky Carmichael poster.

Well, the picture is from the 1998 Steel City National, and the rider is Ernesto Fonseca.

We got a ton of responses, but congratulations to the following readers who answered correctly the quickest -- your posters are in the mail. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Gary Hethcox
Louisville, KY

Dennis Thomas
Whipple, OH

Derek Egbert
Provo, UT

David Younger
Union City, TN

Salomon Kamaji
Chula Vista, CA