Motocross Is Open for Enrollment

March 16, 2006 6:48am

Motocross is more than a sport - it’s a lifestyle.

More than just a training website, is a new on-line community for riders of all abilities to develop their skills, access expert advice and share the motocross lifestyle with other like-minded riders.

In the past five years motocross has become the fastest growing motosport in the United States. Swept up in the booming “extreme sports” movement, which is now a cultural phenomenon in the United States, motocross is a key component in the cross-pollination that took place between snow boarding, skateboarding, surfing and BMX communities.  Today, motocross is among the most popular forms of motosport in the world. is a membership-based web site designed to be a one-stop shop for all things motocross.  Beginning riders and track veterans alike will benefit from access to expert advice on training techniques, bike maintenance tips, as well as fitness and nutrition information. offers members:
 Unlimited access to over one hundred MX video lessons
· Fitness, nutrition and weight training tips.
· Motorcycle maintenance tips from professional mechanics.
· Discussion forums where members can ask advice from the pros.
· Substantial discounts on motocross apparel and accessories.
· And much more.

Founder Nathan Carlson, who recently graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington, has been riding since the age of 8.  “My website represents my passion for Motocross.  I wish this was around back when I was a kid growing up in a small town in Iowa, I hope that plays a valuable roll in the Motocross world.”

For more information regarding contact:
Nathan Carlson, Dean of Admissions