World Renowned Hardcore Freestyle Motocross Tour Kicks-Off In Europe

March 15, 2006 11:17am

AURORA, Ill. (March 15, 2006) – Live Nation announced today the launch of its highly successful freestyle motocross tour in Europe that begins in spring. The Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour will begin in Europe on March 25-26 in Antwerp, Belgium. From there it leaps to Helsinki, Finland on May 12-13 and Zurich, Switzerland on May 19-20.

The sport of freestyle motocross has grown exponentially and the excitement continues to amplify with announcement of the inaugural Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour. Live Nation produces the largest, longest running and most famous freestyle motocross tour on the planet. The annual tour, which takes place in cities across the United States, is regarded as the most prestigious in the world, and for the first time ever, these giant U.S.-based freestyle motocross events will come to Europe.

Freestyle motocross is considered the king of action sports. The fearless riders of Hardcore Freestyle Motocross launch themselves and their motorcycles airborne some 15 meters into the air, defying gravity to perform “sick tricks” and to win “big-air” style points. And while the aerial tricks are amazing enough, the fact they must (and usually do!) land safely on two wheels, is even more incredible.

Hardcore Freestyle Motocross will deliver the best riders from the U.S. and Europe in a competition that has never been seen before. Modelled after the celebrated U.S. tour, the Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour pits five elite U.S. competitors against five elite European competitors in gravity-defying duel for supremacy.

The Hardcore Freestyle Motocross riders include the best from Live Nation’s world-famous U.S. series (these same riders have also competed in such major action sport events as the X-Games and Dew Action Sports Tour™). Challenging these American masters of big-air tricks are the most well-known freestyle riders behind the European revolution in the sport. The events will feature the same fierce competition and ultra-modern performances that made the U.S. series the standard for the sport. Hardcore Freestyle Motocross is a must-see for families, motorsports fans and action sports enthusiasts in Europe.

The Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour comes on the heels of Live Nation’s widely successful Monster Jam® monster truck tour that drew more than 275,000 enthusiastic new fans to its first major European tour.

“With the success we experienced with Monster Jam in Europe this past season, we feel we are in a strong position to bring our other successful tours to Europe, starting with the Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour,” said Magnus Danielsson, Live Nation’s senior director of European events, “The interest from the venues and from the media in our upcoming Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour is tremendous.”

This strong media interest is demonstrated in the partnership between Eurosport and the Hardcore Freestyle Motocross Tour. Eurosport is Europe’s leading sports television network. It is available in 19 different languages and reaches over 105 million homes and 240 million viewers across 54 countries. In an exclusive arrangement with the Hardcore Freestyle Motocross Tour, Eurosport will broadcast the tour in one-hour segments that will air across the continent.

The Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour is live action-sports entertainment at its finest. The future of the freestyle is in the Hardcore Freestyle Motocross tour, and it’s coming to Europe in the spring of 2006.

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