DMXS Tonight

March 15, 2006 1:05pm

Ricky Carmichael has already rewritten the record books but the cagey vet continues to lead the way among his younger peers. The one thing that impresses me most about RC is that he continues to reinvent himself without straying from the true North on the compass that defines who he is. He arguably evolves and adapts better than anyone our sport has ever seen and his results reflect that. Whether or not he returns next year, his legacy will include a blueprint on the heart and consistency that enabled him to dominate for so many years. RC took a few years to figure it out, and James will eventually do the same. His speed and maturity are light years ahead of last season, and consistency will follow. Chad Reed came into Daytona nursing a separated shoulder but managed to podium and salvage some much needed points. As we were watching practice, Reed was going around the massive whoops as the rest of the field struggled through them. Some so called "fans" of the sport smelled a little blood in the water and commenced on trashing him for being afraid of them. Reed afraid of big whoops. Are you kidding me? They had no idea of his injury or pain, but that did little to harness the ignorance. I hope this will remind us all to think twice before tearing a rider down without all the facts.

Travis Pastrana did Florida the only way he knew how and that was wide open. He planned a torturous week of MX, Dirt Track, and SX only to be let down by his standards. Most of us would be happy with surviving, but Travis had higher goals. We will hear about his hectic week which included back flipping the finish line jump at Daytona and his disappointment of sitting out the main and a DNF at the GNCC race. Sean Hamblin sits ninth in the points even after missing making the Daytona main after a freak accident in the heat race qualifier. He basically was skinned alive by a rear tire but gutted it out in the LCQ anyway. Sean missed the main but nobody can doubt his determination and will to compete. We will catch up with our long time friend tonight while he puts on Neosporin with a paint roller. Ryan Hughes may have retired, but you can see his influence every time Josh Grant throws a leg over a bike. Ryno has been working with Josh this year and his awesome speed shows it. Ryno is one of our favorite guests and we will hear his no bullshit opinion on everything that has gone down this year. We have watched Zach Osborne for many years come through the amateur ranks, but Zach made his SX debut at Daytona. The love child of Ozzy tried to take out a few photographers in the first turn, but missed. We are very proud of his 14th place debut and invited him on tonight for a little lovefest.

WWR welcomes on Jeff Dement and Geddy Karrle on tonight as the Most Improved Privateers from Indy. Also, we wanted to give some support for the James Marshall Ride Day at Glen Helen and Shawn DeCloedt will be on to give us all the details. He will be bringing Josh Grant and Dan McGranahan along with him to help bring awareness to the plight of James and the ride to benefit him. Please support this event and check out for more information.

A huge thanks to Craig Martin since our show will be broadcast live at Oak Hill in Texas tonight. Geddy Karrle’s family will be able to hear him on the show since they are there with his younger brother. Good luck to all the riders.