Ernesto Fonseca update

March 10, 2006 8:08am

Torrance, CA: On Thursday, March 9, Team Honda factory motocross racer Ernesto Fonseca underwent surgery to stabilize his spinal column. Due to the progress Fonseca has already made since his accident on March 7, doctors were able to operate much sooner than expected. The surgery took six hours, and was described as successful by his doctors. His doctors also noted that Ernie¹s tremendous physical condition, mental strength and positive outlook bode well for his recovery. Fonseca currently has movement in his arms, and his doctors are already planning his rehabilitation, which may take some time due to the bruising to his spinal column.
Fonseca was injured while practicing on his private track on March 7, 2006. The Costa Rica-born rider suffered a fracture to the C-7 vertebra and bruising to his spine.
Everyone at American Honda and all of Ernie¹s teammates are deeply affected by what happened, and our hearts and best wishes go out to Ernie, his wife Carolina and his family. Ernie has been a part of the Honda family for five years now, and during that time we¹ve gained tremendous respect for his talent, his good nature and his determination. Like all top racers, Ernie knows how to fight and he never gives up, and it is this spirit and will to overcome challenges that will see Ernie through this difficult time.
We will continue to provide updates on Ernie¹s condition as information becomes available.
Those wishing to send cards and letters in support of Ernie can mail them to:
Next Level Sports Management
28202 Cabot Road,
Suite 300
Laguna Nigel, CA 92677