Carey Hart Signs with Jones Soda

March 7, 2006 11:38am

Carlsbad, California – March 7, 2006 – Freestyle motocross legend and tattoo shop mogul Carey Hart signed a sponsorship deal with Jones Soda to cross promote Hart’s burgeoning tattoo shop empire and the freestyle celebrity himself. 

In a strategic alliance, Jones Soda agreed today to sponsor Carey Hart and Carey’s tattoo chain, Hart & Huntington.  Part of the deal included a creative partnership between Jones Soda and H&H, allowing the two companies to collaborate on six different labels for Jones Soda bottles.  The labels will display some of the H&H tattoo shop artist’s work.

“We’re so excited to have such a high caliber athlete as Carey involved with Jones Soda” commented Jones Soda marketing manager Frank Barbra who added:  “When you add in Carey’s tattoo shop the package becomes even sweeter and the prospects endless.”  Carey was equally excited at the opportunity to represent the Jones Soda brand and for the chance to test his artistic talents in designing labels for Jones Soda.  Consumers can expect to see H&H designed Jones Soda bottles on the markets soon.  

Carey would like to thank his sponsors: Fox Racing, Hurley, and Jones Soda.

Any information about Carey Hart of Hart & Huntington can be directed to Steve Astephen of WMG Management.