DMXS Tonight

March 1, 2006 1:19pm

What a crazy weekend we had in Atlanta. The much anticipated race after the bizarre action in St. Louis was deflated on Friday when it was announced that RC had been penalized 25 points for running illegal fuel. All the information is out there to read, so I won’t duplicate the obvious, but I will say this. We have all failed our sport by not insisting this is addressed after Yamaha and Kawasaki were found to be in violation. Why did it take this implosion of an epic season for the industry to rally to the defense of such an obvious and glaring indiscretion in the rule book? Decoster summed it up in his press conference when he admitted that he should have pushed harder for a compromise to a rule, which by most accounts, is nearly impossible to ever fully be compliant. The only thing everyone agrees on is that the amount of lead found in the sample does not improve the performance envelope of the four-stroke. In fact, the oxygen level that could lead to horsepower gains was significantly lower that allowed. The AMA has launched an investigation into the matter and we all hope that common sense prevails, but it may have been about two years too late.

Davi Millsaps has come out of the gate swinging this year after his switch from yellow to the Factory Honda team in the Lites class. He has shown impressive speed, but his career in that class may be short lived. Davi confirmed with us in Atlanta that he might be jumping to the 450 for the outdoors, and will definitely be on the big bike for a few rounds of the SX season after the East series wraps up. If you think he can haul the mail in the Lites class, just wait until you see the husky Georgian on a 450. He absolutely Gets R’ Done. The Disney feel good story of the year has been Martin Davalos. Todd and Denise Galley told me about this kid’s speed last year, and they were right. He has been under Colleen Millsaps’ wing at the MTF in South Georgia. The Ecuadorian is known in the amateur ranks and was set to stay there until the outdoors but decided to turn pro when a ride at Star Racing became open. He has opened some eyes already in the first two rounds including a podium in Atlanta. We will get out our Ecuadorian-English dictionary out tonight as we welcome him on the show. Josh Hansen has been gutting out the season so far with some serious back pain. I talked with him after practice in Atlanta and I didn’t even think he would race that night, but with such a short series he had no choice. Josh will check in with an update as the racing heads to Indy this weekend. We had our 3rd annual DMXS Ride-4-AT after the Atlanta SX and once again our community pulled together for another successful event. People like Danny Vancil of OAS Powersports, and KC Wood of Barney’s are the reason why. They teamed up and donated a brand-new Yamaha TTR50 for our event auction. We will have Danny on to give him a special DMXS group hug for the love. MotoXDream is enjoying its most successful season ever. Steve Flanders will be on tonight to give some details of a mid-series race challenge in case you missed signing up at round one. Check out for details. It’s a blast to play, and they have tons of weekly prizes too.

WWR welcomes on Michael Blose and Broc Sellards as the Most Improved Privateers from Atlanta. Ryan Clark won the honors in St. Louis, so he will be joining us as well. Check out for their latest auctions. Power to the Privateer!