Atlanta Practice Report

February 25, 2006 1:57pm

Well, what was already one of the most dramatic title chases in supercross history has just gotten blown to another level with the AMA’s 25-point penalty handed down on Makita Suzuki and Ricky Carmichael last night. That meant there were two issues to chase today: the fuel situation, and the race situation.

For the latest on the Suzuki fuel issue, check out DC’s report on the pre conference with Roger DeCoster.

As for what’s happening on the track, there was a shakeup there, too, as Chad Reed and James Stewart chased each other around in the second practice session, and Reed came out on top with the fastest time. Reed has generally been a few clicks off from Stewart in practice this year, and he was way off in St. Louis practice. But the confidence he has gained from the win there was noticeable here, as he actually purposely hooked up with Stewart, then let the #7 past him, and the rode behind him. He ended up a little bit faster.

As for Carmichael, he was just a hair off the pace in that final session. But overall, it’s a wash between these guys on speed.

But not in points. Suddenly Reed has a big lead, Stewart is still within striking distance but could use a little help, and Carmichael’s back is against the wall. We’ve never seen RC in this position before, so it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

For some hints on what might happen, be sure to listen to the Supercross Live! webcast at . We cut plenty of interviews on all topics today, from St. Louis to the fuel trouble, with major players like Reed, Stewart, Carmichael and the rest.

As for the East Region Lites, Davi Millsaps looks like the man to beat again. We’ll see.