DMXS Tonight

February 15, 2006 1:17pm

I think we were all touched by the images of David Bailey back on a bike riding beside his son. It took more than 19 years, but David will tell you it was worth it. There is no escaping how dangerous our sport is, and we were sadly reminded of that after watching the disturbing crash of James Marshall last week at San Diego. These two riders are at different points in their life, but I would be remiss not to point out how courageous both of them are. In fact, I have been greatly influenced by several riders in the last few weeks that needs mentioning. Danny "Magoo" Chandler was on our show to help promote his new DVD, but what I heard was a true survivor. He was candid about the tough road that fate led him down, but his unselfishness and desire to help others speak volumes about a strength not found in his legs. My friend Shane Lusk lay paralyzed at the Shepard Spinal Center in 2004, but he never once spoke of settling until he could walk again. I would often visit him to raise his spirts, but it was I that felt his influence. You can now find him walking around the campus of Florida State University, and on the honor roll, as he pursues his degree with the hopes of being a doctor. When you meet Ricky James, you can’t help but feel his spirit. Ricky has never looked back since his injury, and has been an inspiration to us all. He knew he would ride again, and after constructing a custom bike, he did. Not only did he reach a personal goal, but he helped break through a barrier for others to follow. I’ve been blessed to know these guys, and just wanted share that.

Kevin Windham has been helping out with the Live Nation Supercross web casts along the side of Jim Holley and Jason Weigandt for the last few weeks, but he is almost ready to join the action himself. Kevin will check in with us tonight for the latest on his training and the racing thus far. David Bailey called me last night after he returned from his first ride in 19 years, and he was stoked. The support from the fans has been overwhelming, and David wanted to share it tonight with them all. (You can check out the video at  or ) DB wanted to make sure that Ricky James was not left out of the spotlight here. After all, it was after his success that prompted David to accept an invitation to ride his custom-built CR450. Ricky James is an awesome kid with a great outlook on life so we are pleased to welcome them both on tonight. Ben Townley is one of the many riders to suffer a preseason injury, and his was a doozy. Ben had reconstructive knee surgery and has been busting his ass in rehab to keep pace with his conditioning. The well liked Pro Circuit rider will update his progress as he has to sit out the East coast opener this week in St. Louis. Chuck Baldwin is one of the stellar folks at Road 2 Recovery that has led the effort on James Marshall’s behalf. The organization is always the first to come to the rescue, and Chuck will update the fund raisers already in progress and tell us how we can help. Check out for details.

WWR welcomes SoCals’s Jiri Dostal as the WWR/DeCal Works Most Improved Privateer this week in the Supercross class, and Team TB1's Ryan Abrigo in the Lite class. They will both receive $1,000.00. Butler Brothers MX’s Cole Siebler won MIP last week, but missed the show, so we will give him full props tonight as well. Our good friend Daniel Blair is finally hanging up his riding gear for black leather pants instead. The warrior has decided to retire from racing to concentrate on his new band, The Main Event. We wish him luck, and will get him to sing us something on the show tonight! We will miss you at the races, Daniel. Check out their first video