Riverside County OHV Update

February 14, 2006 6:26am



At a January, 24th Board of Supervisors meeting YOUR Supervisors voted to revise the current draft OHV ordinance that was both fair to property owners wanting to recreate responsibly on their own property and to residents with valid complaints.

Bob Buster, Supervisor for District 1, suggested that Riverside County is headed toward a BAN of OHV’s on private property. He added that OHV use is an “inherently inconsiderate sport” and that it is “inherently annoying”.

Contact The Board of Supervisors and tell them you support the OHV ordinance the Planning Commission suggested for approval at the January 24th meeting. Below is a suggested letter or e-mail to send to the Board of Supervisors.

Dear Board of Supervisors,

The purpose of this letter is to express my support for the OHV ordinance that the Planning Commission brought before you on January 24th,. This ordinance is a result of 16 months of work with OHV advocacy groups, area residents, and environmental organizations. This ordinance is fair to both off-roaders in the county who want to recreate responsibly on their own property and to residents who have valid complaints.

The off-road user community is very aware of the problems excessive sound creates with neighbors and surrounding communities. Residents who have been subjected to excessive sound levels have a legitimate concern that deserves a solution. I believe the solution to these problems was adequately addressed in the draft OHV ordinance put before you on January 24th. That ordinance, if enforced, will address the concerns of those who have legitimate complaints about the small minority of riders who break the rules, while protecting the rights of the vast majority of OHV owners who use them responsibly and considerately.

Please reconsider your recommendations that the proposed OHV draft ordinance be severely restricted and that informal OHV use on private property be banned in this county. I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen that wants to recreate responsibly on my property in a considerate manner.


The Board of Supervisors can be e-mailed at nromero@bos.org. You can mail them a letter to Board of Supervisors, Attn: Clerk of the Board, 4080 Lemon St., 5th Floor Riverside, CA 92501

If you have internet access you can go to the AMA website send an e-mail directly to the Supervisors. The link is http://www.ama-cycle.org/legisltn/rapidresponse.asp then click on the California section of Statewatch for the actual alert.

The draft OHV ordinance is scheduled to come before the Board of Supervisors again on March 28th. Off-roaders need to show up at that meeting in large numbers opposing a more restrictive ordinance.