February 14, 2006 1:48pm and would like to thank all the thousands of people who went onto yesterday. In our first day, we raised over $15,000 worth of cash donations on to help James Marshall and his family. James underwent over 8 hours of surgery last night to remove his C6 C7 vertebrate, come in from both sides and put plates, rods and a bone graph in place. We have heard from James’s mechanic Dave who said James is still recovering from surgery last night and is doing well. They will be running more tests today and we will have more information soon.

The industry support has been incredible. We have been contacted by Fox Racing, American Honda, Kicker Audio, Freestyle watches and many more. We are pleased to announce that Mark from MDK Motorsports will match all donations this week up to $5,000. What an incredible pledge!

We would like to thank all the people who joined our conference call prayer yesterday. We had over 70 people in one conference call at one praying for James’s surgery and recovery. Brian O’Rourke from Team Faith and Scott Parkinson from Panic Rev Ministries led the group in prayer. Thank you., and Wonder Warthog Racing also have support programs raising money for James including several auctions. Thank you.

To donate to James’s Recovery Fund, you can do so using Paypal on or you can contact, and Wonder Warthog Racing who also have support programs raising money for James. We echo Road2Recovery’s goal of raising over $100,000 and we are excited about pursuing that goal with them and other organizations helping James.

Lastly, we would like to thank the following donors, contributors and companies who have contributed to James Marshall’s Recovery Fund on yesterday. Thank you to every single one of you.


-- Companies --

Wonder Warthog Racing


Team Solitaire


MTM Enterprises of Virginia, INC

DT Racing

Broken Clothing

Fox Racing

Autographed Motocross Jerseys

Campbell Enterprises

MotoMedic ID

MDK Motorsports


Kicker Audio

Freestyle Watches




-- Individuals ---


Tracy Simmons

Craig Glaspil

Heather Carlile

John Osborne

Mike Massingill

Derek Harris

Ryan Clark

Jim Robinson

Bret Milan

Bryan Weemes

Tom Neston

Kurt D Fackler

Alan DeLarge

Freddy Hening

Eric Gray

Loretta Barker

Christian Boice

Bret Bonham

Mark Kuehl

John Connelly

Daniel Woodard

John Roitinger

Bradley Dalbec

Justin Burton

Matthew Jensen

John Page

Ronald Springer

Jeff Whitton

Keith Miller

Renee Barnes

Mark Cress

Brian Kelly

Denean Ermel

John Krieger

Geoffrey Fox

Danielle McBride

Chad Miller

Dave Mackinnon

Jean Walton

Rodney Pursel

Michael Massara

Lynn El Senoussi

Lilian Wilson

Gregory Primm

Scott Cram

Chris Blike

Julia Brandon

Whitton Family

Mike Clark

Brian Drzewoszewski

Daniel Lay

John Steger

brandi nolan

Tucker Hibbert

Nicholas Gore

Jim Pritchett

James Calhoun

Dean Welsh

The Bohlen Family

Patrick Healy

Brad Baker

Michael Davis

Clinton and Angela Murphy

allan taylor

Douglas Ruark

Michael Skipper

Marcelo Bromberg

Brandon Edmondson

Kristina Reidy

Trent Howie

Dawnese Agnick

Nicholas Esayian

William Prario

Dave and Eric Hollub

Kevin Husted

Trevor O Donoghue

Floyd Laughlin

Freeman Kirby Jr

Todd Perkins

Garret Doorneweerd

Tim Langdon

Ty Morrow and the Morrow Family

James Kennedye

Tim Henderson

Alex Gonzalez

Thomas Tuohy

Wesley Lorenz

Tim Born

Barby Frasure

Greg and Laurie Symbaluk

garrett giambra

James Tyldesley

Joe Wagner

Marilyn McManus

Brian Crowley

Gary Burrell

Shiloh Tate

Jeannine Evans

Brad Trotter

Ryan Garnett

Shane Stanley

Jeffrey Castina

Alvin Mullen

Garrett Kaye

Robert Przykucki

Chris Soignier

Steve Emter

Patsy J Dunn

Kristina Izzi