An Update on James Marshall's Condition

February 13, 2006 5:26am | by:

We got this note from Dr. Bodnar regarding James Marshall's condition:

The family of James Marshall asked me to update everyone on his condition following his crash at the San Diego Supercross on Saturday night. James suffered several fractures in his cervical spine which resulted in paralysis from the upper chest down to the legs.  Fortunately, he has regained some movement in the left arm since arriving to the hospital.  He is receiving medication to reduce the swelling in his spine, in an attempt to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord.  James never lost consciousness
and is fully awake and alert and shows no signs or symptoms of a head injury. His parents, Bill and Kim Marshall, are at his bedside along with several friends.

He will remain in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Sharp Memorial Hospital, in San Diego, for the present time. Due to the restrictions of intensive care, visitors have to be kept to a minimum, but he can accept cards and letters via the hospital:

James Marshall
Sharp Memorial Hospital
7915 Frost St.
San Diego, CA 92123

It was heartening to see James' good spirits, despite his injury.  He has shown that he is determined to get through this difficulty with the same hard work and will power that he has used throughout his racing career.

--Dr. Bodnar