Chad Johnson is the 2006 Toyota National AX Champ

February 12, 2006 6:02am

Local hero Bobby Fitch wins Lites Main

AURORA , Ill. , (February 11, 2006) Zach Ames shot off the gate to win the $500 Weekend Warrior Holeshot Award but would soon yield to Rockstar Suzuki rider Greg Schnell.

Sellards tucked in behind Schnell and followed for several laps.  Sellards passed Schnell near the halfway mark, doing everything in his power to win the championship. It was then up to Yamaha’s Chad Johnson to finish third or better to secure the title.

Chad was running sixth on lap 12 and put a championship pass on Zach Ames, Jeff Northrop, and Kevin Johnson in the same turn to put him in third and clinch the title. For winning the title, Chad Johnson was awarded a 2006 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and $25,000.
In the AMA Arenacross Lites class, local rider Bobby Fitch led from start to finish to win the main event. Kawasaki rider Shawn Clark fell in the first turn on the start and started last, but the Unbound Energy rider made an amazing charge to finish third.
AMA Arenacross Results

1. Brock Sellards, Honda
2. Greg Schnell, Suzuki
3. Chad Johnson, Yamaha
4. Kevin Johnson, Yamaha
5. Jeff Northrop, Honda

AMA Arenacross Lites Results
1. Bobby Fitch, Suzuki
2. Roy Horton, Honda
3. Shawn Clark, Kawasaki
4. Kody Molitor, Honda
5. Braden Parks , Yamaha

Final AMA Arenacross Points
1. Chad Johnson (7) 417
2. Brock Sellards (8) 416
3. Kevin Johnson (4) 368
4. Jeff Northrop (1) 340
5. Greg Schnell 338
6. Jim Neese 308
7. Shawn Clark 262
8. Zach Ames 236
9. Scott Metz 189
10.Travis Hodges 157