BBR and Ricky Carmichael have teamed up on a new project

February 10, 2006 9:29am

BBR and Ricky Carmichael have teamed up on a project that we feel will be really exciting for RC Fans and Mini-Motocross Fans.

  We are going to offer a Limited Edition (1-20) Custom BBR Handcrafted RC Suzuki DRZ110's.  We are taking pre-orders on these bikes now, and have already sold a handful before
they have even been announced!

The story behind this partnership is really special to us.  BBR has  provided play-bikes to Ricky for a number of years.  He has always treated us with great respect, and has been a constant source of encouragement, energizing us to continue to build the very best products money can buy.  When we spent some time with Ricky at his house this past summer, we realized that Ricky
truly understands this Mini-market.  He won't admit it if you ask him, but he is absolutely amazing on these smaller 110's!  Anyway, he really liked the 110 size bike we sent him at the beginning of the 2005 season, and took it with him in the Suzuki trailer as he traveled to the races, proudly situating it in his pits so his fans could see it.

Shortly after our visit, Ricky offered his custom built BBR/RC 110 to be auctioned to aid in the relief fund for Hurricane Katrina victims.  That's just the kind of person Ricky is.  We were pleased to see that the bike brought a lot of attention and some well needed funds to the overall effort.
The idea to offer a limited number of bikes developed from there.  Ricky and Scott Taylor (FOX Racing) were instrumental in putting the plan together, and finalizing all of the details.

Each bike will be offered as a Limited Edition model only.  Each will be stamped, and have a unique range of custom features including custom machined "RC" logos on the Frame, Swingarm, Engine Cases, etc...Ricky will also personally sign each bike, each invoice, and certificate of authenticity for each of these special motorcycles.  Thanks to FOX Racing, each of these BBR/RC bikes will also come with a complete set of FOX gear
(pants, jersey and gloves), and some other special goodies!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Continuing with Ricky's dedication to give back to the sport, Ricky and BBR will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each bike sale to Steve Hudson SX/MX Ministries.  Ricky has chosen this fantastic group of people to benefit from the sale of these cool bikes.  We look forward to working with them as they continue their efforts in our great

Please see the following Specs:

Please note that a very limited number (production #1, #4 and #20) will be offered to proprietary customers, and will come with a hand-fabricated
aluminum tank just like Ricky's works Makita Suzuki!

BBR Motorsports and Ricky Carmichael team-up to offer an exclusive      
Custom RC Limited Edition Features Include      
Custom Aluminum BBR Perimeter Frame with machined RC-4 Logos on both Billet Spars      
Custom BBR Billet Aluminum Adjustable "Leverage Block" Swingarm with machined RC-4 Logos      
Custom BBR Billet Machined Aluminum Engine Cover (left side) with RC Lightning Bolt Logo      
Custom BBR Billet Machined Aluminum Cam Cover with RC's famous "4" Logo      
Custom RC-Yellow anodized 35mm Inverted Marzocchi Forks      
Custom BBR SuperShock (by Elka) developed by BBR with 1,100 pound spring      
Custom BBR RC-Yellow-anodized Italian Aluminum Rims      
Custom BBR Stainless Steel Exhaust Header with D-Section Aluminum Can and Billet End Cap      
Custom BBR Aluminum Subframe, BBR Billet Brake Pedal, BBR Forged Shift Lever and Peg Mounts      
Hand-crafted BBR Billet Aluminum Rear Hub      
BBR Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake System with Oversized Caliper and Rotor      
200mm Big-Rotor Front Disc Brake System      
BBR HD Spokes and Stainless Nipples      
Custom BBR Plastic Molded Tank and Billet Aluminum BBR Gas Cap      
BBR Aluminum Chain Guide      
Machined Aluminum BBR Skidplate, Custom Plastic, and SuperStock Footpegs      
Pro-Taper Bars and MUCH MORE!      
BBR/RC Engine Package      
Race Ready BBR 160cc Engine Package      
BBR Custom Ported Big-Valve Race Head and BBR Custom Grind Camshaft      
Matched Mikuni VM26 Carb Kit with Custom BBR High-flow intake      
4-Speed Shift Drum and Hydraulic Clutch Kit with BBR Clutch Springs      
BBR HD Valve Springs, BBR Air Filter / all built by BBR's Master Engine Technicians      
Each BBR/RC Limited Edition 110 will also include Authentic One-Industries Makita Suzuki Graphics Package      
Custom Pre-printed "RC-Replica" Background Graphics (signed by Ricky Carmichael)      
Custom MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin) for easy registration and title      
Original BBR Invoice (signed by Ricky Carmichael)      
Certificate of Authenticity (signed by Ricky Carmichael and Duane Brown, President of BBR)      
Complete set of FOX Racing gear (pants, jersey, gloves), BBR T-Shirt and BBR Flexfit Cap      
Limited Edition Price      
Complete Bike Package = $12,995      
Production will be limited to 20 units      
A Percentage of the profit from each bike will benefit Steve Hudson's SX/MX Ministry      
NOTE:  Three bikes - Production Bike #1, #4 and #20 will be offered at $16,995 / with BBR Fabricated Aluminum Works Gas Tank / additional proceeds go to Ricky's chosen charity      
SPECIAL THANKS - to FOX RACING for their efforts on this special project