International Motocross Academy Motorpark

February 9, 2006 12:07pm

Motoparks Motocross Academy is designed for motocross riders, allowing them to be the best they can be. Attendance at the Academy will fast track a riders journey to the top of their class.
Riders taking part in the Academy "think-eat-train & ride to win." Practice and Training will take place at Motopark as well as other tracks. Riders will compete most weekends in races in Canada and/or the U. S., traveling as a team with Motopark staff. They will have the opportunity to qualify for Amateur Championship events in both the U. S. and Canada.
Riders taking part in the Academy receive:
1. Motocross Lessons, Training/Instruction and Practice at Motopark and other facilities
2. Riders have the option to include both Canadian and U. S. series events as well as qualifying races for Amateur Championships in Canada and the U.S. Riders are accompanied to all events by Motopark Staff. Race programs can be adjusted for each riders goals and objectives.
3. A special Motocross Diet-Riders learn to "Eat to Win"
4. Accommodation at Motopark and when traveling
5. Fitness Training specifically geared to Motocross
6. Schooling as required including special Correspondence courses
7. Weekly recreational outings to "unwind"
8. Journals-- kept to record a riders progress to the top in their class
The first semester for the Motopark Motocross Academy will run for 101 days from March 6 thru June 14, 2006. Support for riders competing in Championship series after June 14 can be arranged. A second semester will be held September 11 thru December 18.
Rates do not include Racing licences, Per day race fees, Motorcycle parts & repairs, Riding gear, enhanced schooling if required.
Rates are in Canadian $'s.
Minimum 15 to 30 day participation --$100 per day plus $75 on travel days
30 to 60 days participation -- $80 per day plus $75 on travel days
Full 101 day semester -- $7,000 plus $75 on travel days
Motopark also conducts member practices, day lessons, 10 5 day Summer Camps late June thru August and a number of other programs. For information go to
Contact: Motopark, 622794 Motopark Rd., Chatsworth, Ontario, N0H 1G0
Canada-519 794-2434 fax 519 794-4750