No Fear des Nations gear at Anaheim III

February 2, 2006 11:45am | by:

On Sunday, September 25, 2005 in Ernee, France, Team USA won the prestigious Motocross des Nations. That afternoon, Kevin Windham wore purpose-built "des Nations" gear. Designed and produced by No Fear, Windham's red-white-and-blue gear was not only a hit with the 35,000 fans crowding the hillsides, but with motocross enthusiasts around the world - it was featured on the December '05 cover of Racer X Illustrated.
This weekend at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, Team SoBe/Samsung Mobile Honda riders Mike LaRocco (Supercross) and Billy Laninovich and Jake Weimer (Supercross Lites) will wear the same "des Nations" gear Windham rode to victory in in France.  
"After we made the gear for Kevin, we really liked it," says No Fear Motocross team manager Craig Rood. "Then we started to get a lot of positive feedback on it. At that point we decided to make a limited run of the 'des Nations' gear. Since the gear is now beginning to arrive in dealerships across the U.S., we decided to have Mike, Billy, and Jake wear the gear this Saturday at Anaheim III to help promote it. It's also something cool and different for the guys, and they're excited to wear it."
A limited-edition run of 300 sets of the No Fear "des Nations" gear have been produced and are available at selected motorcycle dealerships nationwide.