Danny "Magoo" Chandler DVD

February 1, 2006 9:36am

Magoo: The Story of Danny Chandler, will be released late nextweek or early the week after. It is over an hour in length and is the complete story of Danny's life and racing career.

It features neverbefore seen race footage mixed with interviews and commentary by over 20 people including Magoo, Brad Lackey, Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Troy Lee and more.

It will be available at www.dannymagoo.com, through Impact Video, Cycle News and elsewhere. A DVD Release Party will be held at Folsom Lake Yamaha on February 24th.

We have been working on this project for almost three years now. It is my first film and just kind of snowballed to the point where it is at now.
Proceeds will go to Danny's California Non-Profit Corporation,
International Riders Helping People, which has an emphasis on spinal chord injury awareness, safety, and respect for the environment.