Tonight on The Moto Show

January 31, 2006 2:24pm

Tonight on Jeremy McGrath, James "Bubba" Stewart, Nate Ramsey, Ralph Sheheen, and the TMS-Parts Giveaway: ASV Inventions C5 Pro Clutch and Brake Levers!

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Guest line-up:

Doc Bodnar, Elrod and Mike Young will be talking with Showtime, Jeremy McGrath. We'll talk to the great one about the progress of the sport, what it's like to race at the level he's racing at now, and what he thinks about the top ranks of Supercross today. Does Jeremy like what Supercross has turned into? Hopefully so, since he has a lot to do with Supercross' success! And, with all Jeremy has done in the sport of motocross, why is he still racing? Is he racing for fun or does he really think he has a shot to win? Should be a fun interview.

James Stewart is scheduled to appear tonight, and he's always a blast to talk to. James really seemed to have enjoyed the mud race in San Francisco this past weekend, so we'll hit on that. As well, we'll talk a little about sponsorship and specifically his Red Bull Sponsorship. Who's job is it to make sure he has a Red Bull in his hand on the podium? James Stewart, exclusively on TMS!

Nate Ramsey worked his way through the mud in San Fran to win another Supercross race. Nate seems to like the mud. Nate works really hard, and trains at the lighted KTM track. Does training at night with those lights give him an advantage? Much more with N8 Dog!

Finally, Ralph Sheheen of SPEED Channel dove head first into the Supercross Annoucer position with Denny Stephenson at his side. Ralph is getting a crash course in all things moto, so Ralph should have an interesting perspective on the sport. Compared to the many other motorsports Ralph Sheheen has covered, how does Supercross measure up in his mind? We'll ask.

So, Gear Up and Hang On for The Moto Show!

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