“Cowboy” Kenny Bartram Will Compete at Winter X Despite Nasty Crash

January 27, 2006 6:06am

30 Stitches and Several Dislocated Ribs Won’t Stop Him

While practicing the trick he plans to unveil at Winter X Games, “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, FMX’s most winning rider, crashed into a metal ramp at his compound in Oklahoma yesterday.

When his body hit the ramp a piece of expanded metal ripped through his jersey and sliced his arm clear to his elbow, resulting in 30 stitches.  Kenny also dislocated several of his ribs and sliced his knee open. Thankfully, the tear on his leg is minimal thanks to the “EVS 690 degree” signature kneepad he was wearing.

No stranger to riding while seriously injured, Kenny won the Dew Tour less than 5 weeks after a gnarly crash in San Jose that left him with torn ligaments in his wrist and a separated shoulder.

“It would take a lot more than a few stitches to keep me out of the Winter X Games.” said Kenny. “I won the Dew Action Sports Tour with a lot worse. It’s going to be tough though, because I can’t really bend my arm like I need to or the stitches will rip out.  When it comes to the finals, I just plan on doing whatever I have to do, and then getting re-stitched after the event.  My new sponsor, Vitamin Water is planning a big launch of our partnership at Winter X, and there’s no way I’m letting them, Alpinestars, or any of my other sponsors down.”

It’s that kind of determination that drove Janeane Ardolino of Glaceau (aka Vitamin Water and Smart Water) to venture for the first time into action sports and partner with Kenny.  “Kenny is the best!  We couldn’t have picked a better action sports athlete to represent Vitamin Water.  We’re really looking forward to working together with Kenny and his management team for what we hope is a long time.”

Kenny’s manager, Rich Swisher of The Sports Syndicate, was quick to point out that Kenny is a true professional, and his determination to win despite his crash yesterday is what has put Kenny at the top of his sport. “There are only a handful of FMX riders that could go on to win after a crash like that, and I’m proud to say I represent most of them.  Despite the wounded wing, Kenny will definitely be one to watch this weekend in Aspen.”