Jason Raines Suffers Another Broken Leg

January 25, 2006 12:32pm

Major bummer out of the Pacific Northwest: Am Pro Yamaha's popular GNCC contender Jason Raines broke his leg while riding at an indoor track in his native Washinton State. We contacted Raines, and he explained that he simply came into a corner and got cleaned out by another rider for no apparent reason. Raines got drilled in the right leg, but he didn't realize how bad it was until later that day. X-Rays confirmed he has indeed broken his leg again. It's a small, clean break, and unrelated to his other leg injuries. The injury does not require surgery, and Jason says he'll be in a cast for four weeks. But judging from his past progress with similar injuries, he guesses he won't be back to 100 percent for 12 weeks - ending any chance of contending for the 2006 Suzuki GNCC Title.

“I’m just trying to figure out why this keeps happening to me,” said a somber Raines, who has endured three broken legs and three shoulder injuries over the last four years. “I’ve never been a quitter though. Maybe this is some kind of a test to see how bad I really want this.”

Sad but true for Raines fans, who were no doubt excited to see Jason back on the track after an injury riddled 2005. Jason broke his leg last summer and finally got back on the bike a month ago. Now he's out again.

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