Fly Racing Supercross Race Reports

January 25, 2006 8:14am

Phoenix Supercross-

Warm temperatures and friendly fans greeted all of the Fly Racing riders in Phoenix, AZ for round two of the 2006 Supercross series. 

Riding within the top ten the entire race, was Team Solitaire/Fly Racing’s Ryan Clark.  Clark rode a very strong and smart race right up until the two lap board went out.  Clark caught his front brake lever caught on a tough block when running it in hard on a turn and went down.  This let the door open for 5 other riders to get by Clark before the finish.  Clark however showed he had the speed and fitness level to run 20 laps in the top ten.  Team Rockstar/Fly Racing’s Tyler Evans made the main event after really getting the crowd into it by throwing his helmet and his jersey in the crowd to his many fans.  Tyler is picking up speed throughout the season, continually getting stronger and recovering from an off-season injury. 
In the SX lites class, Team Honda/Fly Racing’s Andrew Short had a phenomenal evening all things considered.  Andrew broke a few bones in the top of his foot in the week prior and decided to tough out the race and gain as many valuable points in doing so.  Short got out to an early lead, but a mishap in the split start with Villapoto, found short in 5th place.  Short moved his way up to third, but left the door open on the last turn of the last lap and had to settle for 5th overall. 

Team Yamaha of Troy/Fly Racing had a difficult nights, as poor starts and mechanical problems, left them with a ninth place finish.  Metcalfe rode a strong race, however his finish was not indicative of his potential.  McFarlane pulled off after only a few laps with a broken sub-frame bolt leaving McFarlane and the Yamaha of Troy team disappointed. 

With two races down in a 16 race series, all of Fly Racing’s riders are looking great and really starting to get into their element and get the results they are capable of.  Stay tuned for next week’s report, as we return to Anaheim, CA.

Anaheim II-

Well, we returned this past weekend to sunny California for the most exciting racing action in many years! 

In the SX class, Team Bloodshot/Fly Racing’s Tyler Evans rode a tough race and was able to hold off fellow Fly sponsored rider Justin Buckelew for 15th overall.  Ryan Clark once again led the Fly Racing sponsored riders with a strong 13th place finish in a talent filled field of riders.  Team Solitiare/Fly Racing’s Justin Buckelew had a strong finish after battling with Tyler Evan’s, Buckelew had to settle for 16th respectably. 

In the SX Lites class, Factory Honda/Fly Racing’s Andrew Short once again had a spectacular performance finishing a strong second to Grand Langston, all with a broken foot!!  Team Yamaha of Troy/Fly Racing’s Brett Metcalfe turned it up another notch this weekend placing a solid 8th overall.  With Andrew McFarlane out for a few weeks due to a foot injury, Metcalfe will be the lone soldier flying the flag for the Yamaha of Troy Team. 

With three rounds of some of the most exciting racing ever, this next weekend we head to San Francisco to due battle on the bay.  San Francisco always has a great racing weekend as they have very unique blend of dirt, which suits many riders differently, which is sure to spice up the racing action that much more. 

Stay tuned for this next weekend’s race report, as I’m sure it will be packed with exciting details!