Launches Out of the Gate

January 19, 2006 2:06pm

“WAR ROOM” to Feature Live Bench Racing

(January 19, 2006)  MXInsiders, the all new website dedicated to the serious bench racer has launched out of the starting gate and is wide open!  In its first full week, MXInsiders has rapidly gained in popularity from fans all over the world with members from the United States, Australia and Europe!

MXInsiders wants to invite everybody to sign up and log into the “WAR ROOM” to battle it out on the bench this Saturday night at 6pm PST.  The “WAR ROOM” is a chat room where fans from anywhere in the world can join together to talk about what is happening on the track, while it is happening!  

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Only a buck a month.  Seriously.

Take advantage of everything MXInsiders has to offer and log onto  to join today!