Utah Governor Huntsman Applauds Ogio for Contributing to State's Strong Economy

January 18, 2006 6:51am

Governor Recognizes OGIO in 2006 State of the State Address

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., today recognized local gear bag manufacturer OGIO as an example of the State’s exceptionally strong economy. The Governor acknowledged OGIO's efforts today in his State of the State address to Congress.

In describing Utah’s competitive economy, Governor Huntsman offered examples of nationally renowned businesses such as Adam Aircraft, Cabelas, and Rossignol Ski Company, which have opted to locate business in this region. "They have found something in Utah that does not exist elsewhere, and have decided to make it their home," he noted.

The Governor then added, “Utah-born entities like OGIO, Merit Medical, and Sky West, continue to expand and create more jobs.”

Governor Huntsman’s message focused on the State’s objectives to enhance economic freedom for its residents; ensure the education system matches its children’s dreams; provide transportation that promotes the best possible quality of life; and respect the region’s land and the State’s way of life.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by the Governor in what is certainly his most important public address of the year,” says OGIO CEO and Founder Michael J. Pratt. “OGIO has always been proud to call Utah home. We’re committed to helping the State’s economy through job creation, and by encouraging tourism to this, the greatest open-sky sporting venue the in the nation.”