DMXS Tonight

January 18, 2006 1:59pm

Well, it’s basically a three horse race, but what a race. If the top three fall with more than 10 laps to go and they can start their bike, they will still make the podium. That makes fighting for wins and that huge three-point difference back to second place even more important. At this rate, you can’t just make the box and coast to a championship. You will run out of points and races in a hurry. I hate to hype up a series just to be let down, but put your game faces on because it’s time to play.

One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises in the Lites class has to be Ryan Villopoto. He backed up his podium ride at Anaheim 1 with more impressive speed at Phoenix. Don’t let that disarming smile and his pasty skin tone fool you. That kid is as competitive as anyone on the track and will rip your throat out and watch you die. OK, maybe that was a bit much, but Ryan is a racer at heart. He has worked his entire life to get here and now the riders he battled during his amateur career are in his shadow for a change. Ryan will join us tonight for his take on the incredible start to his rookie SX season. After more than 5000 votes, David Pingree made yet another podium in is post-racing career. He was voted one of DMXS’s all time favorite guests and for good reason. After being a guest for almost six years now, David always brings his sharp witted humor and skewed prism of the world to the dance. Ping will give us his take on the SX season thus far and update any news from the left coast. Behind every great rider you will find their faithful wrench. Jeremy Albrecht has paid his dues in this sport and his results and professionalism reflects that hard work. J-Bone has not skipped a beat with the Team Kawasaki’s switch to the 450. Other teams had much more testing time with their thumpers, but he obviously has Stewart’s steed ready for battle. He will give us a behind the scenes’ look at racing after the checkered flag waves, and they prepare for the next race. Team Faith’s Kevin Johnson swept the AMA Arenacross in Baltimore last weekend. Kevin has been around the sport for a very long time and is one of the nicest guys in the pits. A lot of racers are making a good living in both AX series and the talent and racing has been good too. We will see what his plans are after his series wraps up here in a few weeks.

Our love and respect for the Privateer continue with the weekly Wonder Warthog Racing segment dedicated to the blue collar racer. This week we welcome SoCal Racings’ Clark Stiles and Moore Racings’ Billy Swapp. With a name like Swapp, he better be good! They represent the Most Improved Riders for the week. Head hog Scott Kandel will be on to explain the program this year and the rules for the Privateer of the Year honors. Welcome back WWR!


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