January 11, 2006 2:48pm

The Fallen Riders Foundation began when two local Houston riders went down in 2004 sustaining life threatening injuries. Heath Teague and Eldon Wycoff's injuries were sustained just weeks apart. Together with the families of the downed riders, a number of local riders and their families, we wanted to do something for them. With the help of track owner Emil Sheldon of 3 Palms Extreme Sports Park in Conroe, TX, we organized a fantastic benefit race.
The benefit race was a huge success. We had X-Games Gold Medalist Chuck Carothers and Justin Johansen there doing Freestyle demonstrations. The races were mixed with regular classes and fun races such as the Tag-Team and Golf Cart races. It was a magical atmosphere that I will never forget. Hundreds of families showed to support two Fallen Riders, riders they had never met. We raised thousands of dollars that day for Heath and Eldon.
Why stop here? With the sport growing as fast as it is with people riding from ages 3 to 70 plus, many new to the sport and many Pro's, the unfortunate need for our foundation arose.
The FRF provides financial help to downed riders and their families, but more importantly, it creates a network of families that will help with the emotional burden associated with a traumatic injury, or the loss of a loved one. The greatest accomplishment of our first benefit race was showing the families and the fallen riders that they are not alone, and that everyday others are keeping hope alive for them.
We have helped Fallen Riders from Texas to North Carolina, and are opening more FRF Chapters across the country.
Whenever a rider goes down, there are hundreds of families from all walks of life willing and wanting to help. With the inception of MX sites like HoustonMotocross.com, Moto-X Report.com and many others, our motorcycle community has become one huge family. These sites allow all the riders, moms and dads, brothers and sisters and everyone else to meet and support one another on and off the tracks. They are family oriented sites and are constantly moderated for the well being of our children who frequent the sites. Without the constant help of Allan (Slick23) site owner at HoustonMotocross.com we could never have reached so many people as fast as we did, and or continue to do so.
Our sponsor list has grown extensively the past year to include:
Houston Motocross.com
Moto-X Report.com
3 Palms Extreme Sports Park
San Jacinto Cycle Park
Chuck Carothers
Gary Semics
Tony Scavo Photography
Vet Champ Michael Clement
Atomic Video Ranch
Top Gun MX Academy
Doc Sanders at the Sanders Clinic
James Hillin
Chris Russell and Family
Jeff Floyd and Family
Tom Shields
Jeff Dement
The Wells Family
The Reese Family
The Wycoff Family
Heath Teague and Family
The Berg Family
MTB Images
MTB Media Files.com
Kenny at AwesomeShots
. just to name a few.
There are so many people to thank for the success we have had so far, but every day another rider goes down and needs help, and every day another family joins in to help us pick them up. This is what we are about, coming together for the good of the Fallen and their loved ones.
You will see a lot more of the Fallen Riders Foundation as more families join in to help those in need.
We believe in our sport, our families and our community.and very importantly the Fallen Rider Foundation.
Michael T. Beswick
Co-Founder FRF
In May of 2005 Eldon Wycoff passed away from the injuries he received in his 2004 motocross accident. One of our current missions is to assist his family with providing a headstone for his gravesite. Please consider giving to this noble cause.
To contribute, please go to the following link and make a donation by clicking "How can I help?" No amount is too small and everything you do for others is greatly appreciated.