Belgian Championship motocross has a new promoter

January 3, 2006 8:40am

After lengthy negotiations between the Belgian motorcycle federation (BMB) and 2CMX an agreement was signed by both parties. The agreement gives 2CMX the commercial, promotional and audiovisual rights for the Belgian MX Open and MX2 championships for the next 5 years.

This way both parties want to further develop the growing success of 2005. Not only does this agreement guarantee the organizing clubs a sponsorship income but also the necessary attention from the media. The BMB keeps the organizing rights.

Mr. Jos Driessen, Chairman of the Belgian Motorcycle Federation, commented:
“With this cooperation we can continue to build on the success that we have seen in 2005 and pave the way for the post Everts and Smets era. Also the Belgian championship will be promoted better than ever and it will gain a prominent place in the national media”.

Carlo Vandekerkhof, 2CMX:
“We are going to put the Belgian motocross championship back on the map. 2005 was already a successful year but there is always room for improvement. As promoter we are engaging ourselves to increase the visibility of the Belgian motocross championship. More television coverage is one of the aspects. As a sport you need to be on TV or you just don’t exist for a large number of people”. 

Christian Burnham, 2CMX:
“I’m really happy that we have come to an agreement that is good for all involved. I think that with Carlo’s business experience and my experience in motocross we are a good team. In Belgium we are lucky to have so many good riders; they make a great national championship. And of course motocross being such a popular sport here is also a bonus”.

2CMX is a partnership between Carlo Vandekerkhof and Christian Burnham. Carlo has spent the last six years building United-Telecom into one of the largest telecom operators in Belgium. Christian recently retired after 15 years of Grand Prix racing. Christian won four German championships and was a regular top 10 scorer in the world championship.