Motocross & SuperMoto World Championships

December 19, 2005 7:29am

Motocross/SuperMoto GP Commission

The Motocross and SuperMoto Grand Prix Commission, composed of the FIM/CMS representative Mr Wolfgang Srb, President of the Commission, the Youthstream representative Mr Giuseppe Luongo and the MSMA (Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers' Association) representative Mr Takanao Tsubouchi, in a meeting held in Latina, Italy, on November 13, took the following decisions:

- The manufacturers agreed unanimously concerning the 80cc class (Category I, Group A1) that the new 150cc 4-stroke engine (minimum weight of the motorcycle: 73 kg) should replace the current 125cc 4-stroke engine. The change should be adopted as of 1.1.2007; an information should already been given in the 2006 Motocross Technical Rules.

- As from 1.1.2006, the new sound limit will be 96 dB/A, the fixed RPM will be the same as in the previous years.

- New deadlines for entries: 1st event: 60 days before; as of the 2nd event: 15 days before each meeting (MX1/MX2, S1/S2).

- Replacement riders can be accepted before the end of the technical verification prior to the meeting (MX1/MX2, like currently already in S1/S2);

- Concerning the noise control after each race, like in the previous years - the decision about a penalty will be taken by the International Jury, without any recommendation of the Race Director (MX1/MX2, MX of Nations, S1/S2, SM of Nations).

- 19 teams qualify on Saturday, the winner of the B-final on Sunday morning will be team n° 20 for the main event (MX of Nations).

- A Federation can enter an additional "Junior Team" (3 riders, maximum age: 21 years) for the SuperMoto of Nations.